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Broadband and telecoms engineering - Work in the local area

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If you suspect that work undertaken by telecoms engineers in your local area has affected your phone line or internet connection, you should complain directly to Openreach via Resolver. If they are unable to solve the problem to your satisfaction, you should consider referring the matter to Ofcom.

You should know

If you are complaining to Openreach, you should be aware that they are only able to handle certain types of complaints.

These include complaints about:

  • Street cabinets
  • Work in the local area (on telephone poles etc.)
  • Poor driving or parking.

Any other complaint regarding your phone line or internet connection should be directed to your internet service provider.

If you encounter a problem with Openreach, you should first aim to contact their customer services department.

If Openreach are unable to resolve the matter, you can refer your case to Ofcom. While Ofcom can't do anything about individual cases, they can use your complaint to build their data on a company and determine whether they need to take action.

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