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You can sell your property to the Government through the Express Purchase Scheme if either:

  • your house or 25% of the total area of your property is inside the area marked ‘surface safeguarding’ on the safeguarding maps 
  • your property was in the safeguarding area (called the ‘Extended Homeowner Protection Zone’) but has since been removed – check with HS2 whether you qualify

You can still apply to the sell your property with a ‘blight notice’ if you don’t qualify for Express Purchase – but the Government will only buy your property if it’s needed for the construction of HS2.

You should know

You can use Resolver to raise a complaint with HS2. On receipt, the HS2 Public Response Team will determine the best way to handle your complaint.

In most cases, the team accountable for the issues you have raised will be asked to discuss the matter with you, to see if a resolution can be achieved.

If you remain unhappy, or if it is more appropriate in the first instance, a Public Response Manager will work with a relevant director or head of department or service to investigate the concerns.  Together they will provide a response explaining the outcome of any investigation, and, where necessary, any recommendations or action required.

Complaints about wider HS2 services
Your case will be reviewed by a member of the HS2 Ltd senior leadership team not previously involved with your complaint.

The findings of the review will be presented to the Chief Executive for consideration and approval of a full and final response.

Request an independent investigation by the ICA
If you are unhappy with the final response provided, please can you let us know why and what outcome you would like to see.

You can ask for your complaint to be referred to the Department for Transport’s Independent Complaints Assessors (ICA). The ICA’s role is to look at, or identify whether you have been provided with a reasonable service and had your complaint handled appropriately.  The ICA will carry out an independent review of the case and then advise both parties on the outcome.

Request an independent investigation by the PHSO
If you remain dissatisfied after your review by the ICA, you may seek advice from any Member of Parliament and ask them to refer your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO).

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