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If you want to raise a complaint with HMRC you can use resolver, the escalation processes are temporary whilst we wait for confirmation of the process from HMRC. If you experience any issues please let us know and we can look at how we update our processes.

Resolver process is for complaints and for handling your issue. At the moment, we do not provide advice and guidance for HMRC complaints as they are complex and often change. We will be adding these later in the year.

With resolver you can call HMRC and keep a record of all your communications including your calls, so if you require proof of attempting to contact HMRC by phone and simply have not received any response with resolver you can keep a record of your call.

You should know
  •   Mark your communication as an Official Complaint to ensure it enters the complaints process.
  •   The resolver escalation processes are based on the standard escalation timescales set for a commercial ombudsman escalation process of 8 weeks from raising the complaint through to escalating to the ombudsman, as there are no set timescales for HMRC responses.
  •   HMRC has a 2-stage internal complaints process. If the issue is not resolved then you can escalate you case for independent assessment.
  •   If you reach deadlock with HMRC and want to escalate your case for independent review then let us know and we can assist.
  •   If the issue is urgent please phone HMRC use the resolver App and record a copy of your call. Remember if you intend to share the call you should let the person know. 

If you want to raise a complaint against HMRC there is not a transparent process for complaints with no published email addresses. The complaints processes and no published person responsible for complaints within HMRC and therefore we have used an initial process. We would recommend phoning if the issue is urgent. 

Resolver is there to raise complaints against with HMRC and not for day to engagement.  It is important that you mark your complaint as an official complaint.

As the Government policy is digital by default that it is reasonable that you can contact HMRC by email.

Initial Case Review

Once you raise a complaint with HMRC the will undertake an initial review of your complaint. This formal review will provide you with feedback on your issue.

Department Internal Review

If you are dissatisfied with the review undertaken by HMRC then you can choose to accept the review or if you would like to appeal you can ask for a second review of your case.

Adjudicators Office

If your issue is not resolved then you can escalate your case to the Independent Adjudicator Office.  They will provide a full and impartial assessment of the customers issue and then to make an assessment of the issue. 

HMRC will probably contact you by letter and in order to submit your case to the Adjudicator Office you should scan and submit your case to the Adjudicator.

The Adjudicator recommends that you contact them by phone or letter, we have entered the email address for the Chief Adjudicator and when you submit your case through, resolver will automatically attach your case file to the email.

Parliamentary & Health Ombudsman

If your issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction then you have the right to escalate your case to the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman.  Sadly you cannot send your case directly to them, but, instead you must get your MP to refer your case to the Ombudsman.

You can export your case file from resolver and send this to your MP. All MP are within resolver and so you can attached your case file to your communication through resolver. 

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