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Based on resolver’s experience to date, if you are issued with a penalty fare, you have 21 days to either pay it or appeal against it. If you pay the penalty, you can still appeal against it. The procedure for appeal will be set out in the paperwork handed to you. If the appeal is upheld, you won’t have to pay the penalty, but will still have to pay for the outstanding fare. If your appeal is rejected, you will have to pay the penalty within a certain timeframe (usually 14 day) after which administration fees will also be charged. If you don’t pay after this time, there’s a chance it can become a criminal action, which can result in prosecution and a criminal record. If you have been issued with a penalty notice and are unsure of what to do, resolver recommends that you contact either your local CAB or Passenger Focus at for assistance. resolver can assist you in submitting, recording and reminding you when and who to escalate to.

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