Eurostar - Missed train - delayed arrival/connection

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Based on Resolver’s experience to date, there is, unfortunately, very little you can do about it. Whether you missed the train because you were stuck in traffic getting to the station or because of any factor under your control the train company is not liable. It is likely, in this situation, that you will have to purchase new tickets.

If however, you miss the train because of a delayed previous train then the train operator of the first train is liable for any ticket costs you are forced to incur. In order to obtain new tickets for a later train and continue your journey you should go to the ticket office and explain what has happened. They should be able to furnish you with new tickets for a later train.

If you feel that you were not given enough help from the train company resolver can help you escalate your case to either London Travelwatch (for the London area) or Passenger Focus (for outside London).

resolver can assist you in submitting, recording and reminding you when and who to escalate to.

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