Eurostar - Train cancelled

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If your train is delayed

If your Eurostar train is delayed, your rights are similar to an international flight delay. If the train is delayed by more than 60 minutes, you are entitled to food and drink but this will be dependent upon the length of the delay.

If you experience a 60 to 119 minutes delay, you can claim back 25% of the ticket price in compensation. Over 120 minutes, the compensation rises to 50% of the ticket price. The calculation is based on the cost of the journey leg and not the cost of the return ticket.

The refund must be greater than 4 Euros before a pay out will be agreed.

If the train breaks down on the track, Eurostar must also provide alternate transport to your end destination.

If your train is cancelled

When trains are cancelled if the reason for the cancellation is within Eurostar's control the same rules applies as a delayed train. If your train is cancelled and as a result there will be a delay in arrival at your destination station of more than 60 minutes, you will be entitled to either a full refund of your ticket or you may wish to postpone your journey to a later date. If your train is delayed or cancelled, meaning you cannot reasonably arrive at your end destination then compensation should cover any reasonable costs for overnight accommodation.

We recommend

We recommend to ensure the best outcome for the case is to follow resolvers top complaint tips:

Keep a record: if something does go wrong make sure you keep your ticket, length of the delay, flight number etc., to enable you to make an effective complaint;

Take photos: as the majority of us have smart phones be sure to take photos of the incident if possible as these can provide good supporting evidence;

Who & what: take note of the person’s name whom you spoke with along with what was said and promised;

Subit as quickly as possible: submit your case as quickly as possible, consider using the resolver App

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