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It should be a simple issue to cancel a loyalty card, but you will need to get in touch with the provider. You can do this via Resolver.

You should know
  • Loyalty cards are not always run by the store that you may have used the card in.
  • By using Resolver, you’ll be sending your case direct to the loyalty card provider and not to the retailer.
  • Loyalty points are usually of minimal actual value and cannot be redeemed for cash, entitling you instead to discounts on products and goods.
  • Loyalty cards are not a financial product and are therefore not covered by any ombudsman.

Loyalty cards are designed to help you be rewarded for loyalty. You receive loyalty points whenever you spend. You cannot spend money on the card, but you can redeem points for goods.

All loyalty points are a form of discount and so consider before using them if they are the best way to buy or to get a discount.

Loyalty & Credit/Debit Cards

Some credit or debit cards offer cashback or loyalty points for money that you have spent. As long as you pay off any balance at the end of each month, this can be a good way of collecting loyalty points.

Discount or Loyalty Points

Firms can offer increased loyalty points rather than a cash discount, this can often be a false economy, so assess if it makes sense when you make your purchases.

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