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The Post Office check-and-send service is there to ensure your passport application will be accpeted by the Passport Office.

In order to have your passport checked you need to take all the information to a Post Office that offers the service. The service costs £9.75

Check & Send Complaint

If your check and send complaint is rejected and you want to make a complaint, the Post Office terms and conditions state you are entitled to your delivery fee back if there is an issue. If this happen then raise your issue imediately.

How long to allow

You need to allow at least 3 weeks for your passport to be returned by the Passport Office. At peak times this will be a lot longer and so remember to do as soon as you can. For your first passport you need to allow 6 weeks.

If you need a passport urgently there is a weekly service available from the Passport Office as well as a one day service. If you have submitted your passport to the Passport Office and have not heard back from them then contact the Passport Office using the resolver iPhone or Android App to record your phone call.

Additional application information

If you need additional information you can call the Post Office on 0345 611 2970. Calls to 0345 will cost no more than calling a standard geographic number starting with 01 or 02 from your fixed line or mobile and may be included in your call package dependent on your service provider.

Remember when completing your form

  • Always use a black ballpoint pen and capital letters
  • Black out mistakes with a pen – don’t cross them out or use correction fluid
  • Write within the white boxes and keep all signatures within the border
  • Always bring in original documents and not photocopies
  • Make sure you have two colour photographs, taken within the last month, and that they meet all the requirements shown in the guide that comes with your application form

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