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Based on resolver’s experience to date, many pet owners cannot face the idea of leaving a beloved pet in another country if they are moving back to the UK. Problems regarding bringing your pet into the UK can arise in two ways.

The first problems that can arise will be issues of importing an animal from another country. DEFRA (The Department for Food and Rural Affairs) has a list of restrictions and requirements for various animals which can be found on their website at You should also bear in mind requirements for vaccinations or confirmations of freedom from infectious disease that may be required by the countries which you transit through.

Once you have arrived, a further problem may arise in that it may be hard to obtain insurance for your pet if it has been brought into the UK from abroad. Your insurer, however, should be able to either insure your pet (possibly for an increased premium) or direct you towards a specialist insurer which is willing to insure pets brought in from abroad. You should bear in mind that this insurance is likely to be comparatively expensive and should be considered when deciding to bring a pet into the UK.

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You should know
  • If you’re making a complaint about making an insurance claim rather than a mis-sold policy, check your documents to see who the “underwriter” is. You’ll need to make a complaint to that organisation.

If you cannot resolve your issue you cannot raise your case to the Ombudsman until 8 weeks after you have first raised your complaint with your insurer, or you have received a ‘letter of deadlock’ from the company stating that they cannot resolve the issue as you have asked. Your complaint must also not be older than 6 months. For an accurate decision by the Ombudsman you should provide a detailed file of your communications and supporting documentation. In addition make sure you explain what you want as an outcome as this will help assess your case.

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