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Based on resolver’s experience to date, there may be a number of reasons you want to cancel your policy; you might be selling your home or you might be renting it out to tenants. The way in which you can go about doing this will vary with whether your policy has been renewed or is coming due for renewal.

In order to prevent renewal when your policy is coming up for renewal you should simply contact your insurer and ask that they ensure they do not renew your insurance policy. You should ask them to send you written confirmation that your insurance policy will not be renewed when it expires. Insurance companies are likely to demand notice for cancelling renewal (some up to 28 days!) and so you should try to get your cancellation in as early as possible.

If your insurance has been renewed, UK insurance rules state that consumers have a 14-day “cooling off” period when they purchase most kinds of cover. So if you want to end a policy within two weeks of receiving your documentation, you should receive almost a full refund of your premiums. But you may have to pay an administration fee (typically less than a full cancellation charge) as well as the cost of however many days you were covered for.Once the 14-day cooling-off period has passed, the penalties for cancelling your policy increase. You will be charged a cancellation fee, and the amount you are refunded for the unused premiums will be limited. Check your insurer’s policy to see what their fees are before you cancel. Be aware that if you end your policy before the year is up, you will miss out on the no-claims bonus for that period.

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