Her Majesty's Passport Office is responsible for issuing of passports for the UK Government. 

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resolver has helped me resolve an issue with Hampshire county council very pleased, very simple, love the product
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I heard about resolver in the Sun, and downloaded the App, love the phone recording, really useful App
Ernie Jacob via email
Resolver sorted out my problem with the council who had just left me with 20 days of rubbish and that was after I had applied for help to get the wheelie bins out. They sorted it out in a day and I'm delighted
Alastair H via facebook
Really good website, helped me with my parking ticket complaint.
Kevin T via facebook
Just a thank you to say without you I would not have resolved my issue with Brittania Parking. I tried to challenge the fine on their website but it wouldn’t let me submit. I looked on line and found Resolver and I have just had a letter from Brittania to say they’ve dropped the charge. Thank you so much!
Ellie F via email
Quick and easy resolution with SmartParking - thank you.
Joanne H via facebook
I used this for a complaint to social services. There are reminders when you need to take action and immediately sends your message/complaint to the appropriate person within an organisation. There are many businesses and companies that can be contacted in this way. My complaint went to the Ombudsman who have now dealt with my complaint satisfactorily. I would definitely use this again and recommend it to anyone.
Hazel C-D via trustpilot
I can't thank resolver enough. Twice I have had calls from Chief Executives offices to resolve issues. It would never been escalated so quickly without resolver. I recommend them to anyone who mentions complaining!! Big thanks!
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Hammersmith & Fulham took seven weeks to investigate and respond to Marcus’ complaint but found in his favour and cancelled the parking ticket. Marcus said: “This was really stressful and I am not sure why I even got the ticket, but, I am glad the right thing has been done!”
Marcus via email

HM Passport Office provides

Using Resolver, you can submit an issue about 1 service offered by HM Passport Office. Your case will be sent to the correct person or team at HM Passport Office and escalated at the correct times, to the correct person, if required.

HM Passport Office Passport Service

You can use the Resolver system to help you at every stage. You can use it to escalate your issue to all four levels of HM Passport Office complaints. If your complaint is not resolved by HM Passport Office, you can then package it up and send it to the Caroline Nokes MP.

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Are there any guaranteed service standards?

The Passport Office states you can expect:

  • its staff to be polite, helpful and professional.
  • passports to be issued in line with published standards.
  • details on your passport to be correct and your supporting documents to be returned promptly.
  • registration certificates to be issued in line with published standards from the General Register Office (GRO).
  • special provisions and services for people with disabilities.
  • clear and helpful explanations from our staff if you are denied a British passport because of citizenship or on other grounds

How quickly will I get my passport?

The Passport Office does not give any service levels for turning around passports with the exception of its premium and fastrack services.  

Premium allows you to get a passport on the same day, from London, Liverpool, Peterborough, Glasgow, Belfast & Durham, but you do need an appointment.

Fastrack will turn your passport around in 7 days, however, it is from when they accept your application and not from when they receive the application.  You therefore need to ensure you have filled in all the information correctly.

I have not received my passport, what do I do next?

If you have submitted your passport and are still waiting for it to be returned to you then we recommend you phone the Passport Office. You can use the resolver App; this will call through and record your phone call for you.  Be persistant! 

0300 222 0000 or if call from abroad then dial +44 300 222 0000

Their opening times are

Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm

Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: 9am to 5.30pm

You can call through the resolver App and record your phone call.  



If my passport is delayed can I get compensation?

The Passport Offices states they "realise that sometimes our mistakes may cause you expense or financial loss. In these cases, you should write us a letter and include any documents that prove your claim (for example, a receipt to show a cancelled flight)."

They only normally offer compensation for financial loss as a result of delays in our guaranteed (Fast Track and Premium) services. However, in exceptional circumstances it is worth considering still making a claim for your financial loss that you have incurred from their delay.

Can I claim on my insurance?

Generally, the answer is no. Most insurance companies will insure you for issues relating to your passport once you are on holiday but a delayed passport is outside of your insurance policy. However, a limited number of insurance companies will provide you with cover for this issue. The best way is to check with your insurer.  

According to the Financial Ombudsman, they expect insurers to treat their customers fairly where they’ve clearly been prevented from travel by excessive delays at the passport office.  Your insurance will will need to demonstrate to us that these were clearly highlighted in the policy. If they aren’t this could be argued as being unfair.

Does the Passport Service have a complaints procedure?

A formal complaints system was introduced in 1994 and since that time it has concentrated on establishing best practice and aiming for uniformity of approach. For any complaints system to work effectively it is imperative that staff should endeavour to resolve problems when they arise rather than encouraging customers to use the formal complaints procedures to achieve a solution to the problem.



Contact details

To view the HM Passport Office contact details press the button below

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HM Passport Office is responsible for issuing Passports on behalf of the British Government. The Passport Office is part of the Home Office and the minister in charge of the service is James Brokenshire MP. The Passport Office offers the ability for citizens to send passport applications in directly, a check and send service via the Post Office or a turn up service for emergency passport (premium) and a fast track service.  

If you need your passport in less than a month then the Home Office recommends you use the premium or fast track service. 

Premium Service

The Premium service means you’ll get your passport within 4 hours of your application being accepted. You must go to the Passport Customer Service Centre to collect it. You must have an appointment and there are centres in London, Liverpool, Peterborough, Glasgow, Belfast and Durham. 

Fast Track Service

The Fast Track service means your passport is delivered to your home address within 1 week of your application being accepted. This means you need to ensure your passport application is fully complete.

Want to raise a complaint?

If your passport is in with the Passport Office at the moment and you have not received it then we recommend you call the Passport Office. This could take time, but, it will be the quickest way to get a response.

How to contact

0300 222 0000 or if call from abroad then dial +44 300 222 0000

Their opening times are

Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm

Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: 9am to 5.30pm

You can call through the resolver App and record your phone call.  


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