The PPI deadline has now passed – you won't be able to make any more PPI claims!

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What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was an insurance product sold alongside loans, mortgages or other credit facilities, designed to cover your payments if you become ill, lose your job, or lose your income for other reasons.

PPI was the biggest mis-selling scandal of all time.

The deadline for PPI claims has now passed – you can't submit any more claims!



Am I too late to claim PPI?


Unfortunately, yes!

It's now too late to claim PPI. You've missed the 29th August deadline!

However, you may be able to claim for other issues! Resolver isn't just for PPI!



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Flight delayed?

We've helped over 400,000 people claim up to €600 for delayed or cancelled flights.

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Reclaim mis-sold payday loans!

Our users claimed back an average of £800 each for their mis-sold payday loans. Was yours mis-sold?

My loan was mis-sold!





Claim for bad broadband!

Missed appointments or terrible service? We've helped over 55,000 people get things sorted. Are you due cash back?

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How many claims did Resolver see?


Well over 2 million claims were made via Resolver!

We saw over 250,000 claims made on the last day alone. Incredible numbers of people were making claims right up to the deadline (which passed at midnight on the 29th August)



How much PPI did people reclaim?


The total amount of PPI reclaimed by Resolver users was well over £35,000,000!

The average PPI claim made via Resolver paid out a total of £1850.71.



What was the biggest PPI claim?


The highest claim this year was a gigantic £104k!

In addition, over 50 people claimed more than £30k.



What did our users say about claiming PPI through Resolver?


Fantastic service!

"Fantastic service, helped us get a refund on our PPI, cannot thank Resolver enough for their great website and easy to use templates to make the claim. Thank you so much. "



I've used Resolver for a number of different claims and the total amount I received was around £7k. I wasn't even sure I'd had PPI on some of the accounts, so this was a trouble free and rapid way to find out. Thanks very much!


So easy!

The PPI template was really well laid out. It made my claim so easy and the payout from my bank was in my account this morning! Happy days

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Key companies include:

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