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PPI complaints

Who do you have an issue with?

If you want to complain about a problem that relates to PPI, you can use Resolver to make the process simpler. Whether you want to find out your rights, who to contact about your issue, or simply raise your complaint, Resolver will help you find the answer.

Type the name of the organisation you have an issue with into the orange box on this page to raise your PPI complaint via Resolver.

Resolver is a totally free tool that connects British consumers directly to the people that can resolve their complaint. Phone using our iPhone or Android apps and you can even record what they say to you.

Helping you with PPI services

You can raise issues with 107 companies in PPI services

Key companies include:

Please note:
Resolver is not affiliated to, linked with or otherwise endorsed by any of the organisations within PPI services, or any of the companies or organisations that you can raise an issue with via us. We are an entirely independent issue-resolution tool that enables the raising and handling of consumer issues, making complaining simpler for everyone.

All companies in PPI services:

Your rights

We have 2 pages of rights guides for you covering 107 companies in PPI services. Feel free to browse these pages - they're all listed below.

Who do you have an issue with?

How does resolver work?

Bespoke consumer guides

You'll find no legal jargon in our simple, comprehensive consumer rights sections. Our guidance is tailored specifically for every type of issue.

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Simple, flexible templates

We provide a wide range of flexible email templates for you to adapt to your needs – just slot in the specific details for your case, and in a few short clicks your issue will be ready to go.

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All complaint correspondence recorded

One of the most important aspects of a complicated issue is keeping a record of all your correspondence regarding the complaint – resolver does this for you automatically.

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What’s a case file?

Your case file is a secure online location for all important documents regarding your issue. You can upload photos, tickets, copies of receipts or external emails from before you raised your issue with resolver.

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What are your next steps?

If you’re not satisfied with the initial response from the organisation you have an issue with, our escalation process will let you know when you can raise your complaint to the next level of seniority and, ultimately to an ombudsman or regulator, where appropriate.

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