Having problems with Currys PC World? Use Resolver to make a complaint.
It’s quick, easy and (best of all) it’s free.
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Having problems with Currys PC World? Use Resolver to make a complaint.
It’s quick, easy and (best of all) it’s free.

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Here's what some of our 5,057,458 users had to say

I happened across your service by accident on the internet but will honestly sing your praises at any given opportunity. How you managed to actually kick them into giving me some kind of service I don't know but again I thank you for your efforts.
Helen Lindsay via email
It was the best tool that I have ever found to help me deal with my problem. Got solved very quickly with Resolver, it may of been longer if I didn't have their help. Thank you Resolver!
Suzanne L via facebook
I had been in dispute with a retailer for 5 months following the totally incompetent installation of a dishwasher. I had been told lies, waited in for engineers who did not come and had suffered damage to my property. Eventually I employed my own plumber and sent his invoice to the retailer. Their first offer was an insult, the amount was doubled when I contacted their CEO but it was only the amount I had paid out. I contacted the retail Ombudsman - and found that the retailer do not participate in the scheme!! I discovered Resolver and hours after they had escalated my claim, the retailer phoned to offer an acceptable amount. It is a wonderful facility and I am so grateful to them - I could not have succeeded without their help. Thank you Resolver.
Beryl F via facebook
I had a complaint going nowhere direct with the retailer. Found Resolver and within days had my issue fixed and compensation given for inconvenience caused. Fantastic tool, absolutely no hassle to use.
Alanna J via facebook
Had an issue regarding a product delayed by the retailer for almost 6 months, but got resolved thanks to Resolver. It’s a quick and more efficient way, if your voice is not heard, try Resolver !!!
Max Z via trustpilot
Great, solved the case with Currys quickly within a week, after trying to solve it by ourselves for over a month! Highly recommend.
John H via trustpilot
Great, solved the case with Currys quickly within a week, after trying to solve it by ourselves for over a month! Highly recommend.
John H via trustpilot
Thank you, Resolver. Got a result that would not of been possible without your help. Bought my grandson a laptop for uni 21 months ago. Graphics board failed, took it back to the shop, they said too expensive to fix, after some toing and froing with emails put together by Resolver, got a result. Compensation to the tune of £183. This will help my grandson buy something else. Thanks again for your help.
Tony H via letter
Wow! Thank you so much. I emailed a retailer for a refund on headphones that were never delivered, over 20 times, yet had no joy. As soon as Resolver got involved I got my refund within hours.
Richy G via facebook

Helping you with Currys PC World

How can I get in touch with Currys PC world customer services? 

For general enquiries, you can call 8am to 8pm weekdays, 8am to 8pm on Saturdays and 9am to 6pm on Sundays. You can also e-mail Currys customer services direct. Currys PC World also offers a tracking service, and technical support via its ‘knowhow’ service. Contact information for all these services is available via the Currys website.

Does the Currys PC World ‘Whatever Happens’ care plan really cover every eventuality?

No. Unfortunately, as with most warranties, there are certain exclusions. In this case, there are clauses in the paperwork that exclude cover for neglect, misuse and abuse, fire, acts of God and cosmetic damage.

This ought to be explained to you when you take out the warranty, but if you feel it hasn’t been, then resolver can help you raise a complaint simply, quickly and effectively.


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Both Currys and PC World are part of the Dixons Retail Group and sell electrical goods and computers. The Dixons name no longer exists as a high-street electrical goods retailer (its stores have been rebranded as Currys branches since 2006), but the group has owned Currys since 1984, and PC World since 1993. Many Currys and PC World stores are now dual-branded as Currys PC World, a process that began in 2009.

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