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I just wanted you to know that I received correspondence from BA last week and it looks as though we have all things resolved on a great note – they accepted the responsibility of the delay and are compensating my wife and I under EU guidelines. I have had a few personal (not canned – pre-authored) emails from the Executive’s assistant and she has been very helpful. Thanks to you and resolver and some other interaction I took – THANK YOU!!!!
Scott via email
Just wanted to thank resolver for helping me with my case against BA regarding Flight delays.
Sharron Hoyte via facebook
Used resolver from the start of my flight delay claim with BA, all resolved within 16 days. Very good website.
Chris Thomas via facebook
Amazing, easy to use website - got us £1800 back from BA. Highly recommended site! The company you contact will try to get you off of resolver and communicate directly - but stick with the system, its excellent.
Lee H via facebook
Used Resolver last year for a delayed flight. Informed Resolver with all the information they required and within two weeks 600€ each. Well done Resolver if you think you might have a claim contact them and they will soon let you know very quickly if they can help you or not. Great bunch of people and ready to assist you ASAP!
John D via facebook
Resolver simplified my complaint process so much that I barely had to worry: I just entered the details asked, followed up one email and received the compensation shortly after. 100% recommended!
Simón P via facebook
Resolver takes the hassle out of getting responses from companies where the complaints system is obscure and convoluted. It manages the process perfectly and simply.
Leigh G via facebook
An excellent and easy to use service. Thank you for helping with our claim from BA for a delayed flight.
Michael A via facebook
The process was straightforward, easy and very quick. Within a week of sending the email I received a reply that the compensation due would be in my bank within 4 working days and sure enough it was. Highly recommend the steps Resolver advise taking.
Meryl K via facebook

Helping you with British Airways

I’ve lost my bag while on a British Airways flight. What do I do?

If you’ve lost your luggage at London Heathrow, then you’ll need to get in touch with Bagport, which handles all baggage at London’s busiest airport. For all other airports, BA has this list of contact details.

Of course, if you’re unhappy with BA’s lost baggage service, then resolver will help guide you through how to get the best resolution to your issue.

What’s the first point of contact if I want to make a British Airways complaint?

The easiest way to complain to British Airways is via an email. You can either do this via the airline’s own e-mail webform, or directly via resolver.

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British Airways (BA) was created in 1974 as the merger of the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and British European Airways (BEA).

BA was privatised in 1987 and today is the Largest airline in the UK by fleet size, as well as the national flag carrier. It is also a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance.

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