TUI Airways will only respond to complaints raised via their dedicated Web form.

If you decide to use Resolver, you'll still be able to access our rights guides and template letters to assist with your complaint.

Please contact TUI Airways directly in addition to making a Resolver case. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Here's what some of our 4,428,252 users had to say

Thank you, I really do appreciate the service. I'm not much of a complainer to be honest so when first choice completely ignored my complaint, I had no idea what to do. I was grateful to find your service.
Emma Seaton via email
Dear Resolver, I would just like to thank you for your help in resolving my case with Thomson. They have sent me a cheque to settle the claim. Thank-you once again
M Howe via email
I would like to thank you for your help in my flight delay compensation received from Thomson Airways.We would never have done it without you people.
Mr&Mrs P.Curtis via email
I used the Resolver website to claim for delays on my holiday. Resolver asks a few questions ( easy) and if you have any receipts or paperwork you can photograph it and upload it. Simple. Four weeks later and I got a cheque from Thomson for £688.00. I was delighted and so glad I used Resolver. Thank you Resolver. I am truly amazed.
Pauline O'Donnell via facebook
Resolver is a completely free. I have just used them on a Flight Refund, they take your case and turn it into a claim with all the legal areas attached. I wrote on 14th Feb and 29th March I have received my payment. They answer all concerns, for me a 77 year old it made life easy. Thank you Resolver.
Ron B via facebook
I received over £600.00 compensation for a flight delay using Resolver. So easy to use and helps you to chase progress of your claim. Can not recommend it highly enough!
Margi M via facebook
Cannot praise resolver enough, so easy to use and gets results
Roger S via facebook
Resolver, absolutely brilliant and all free.. highly recommend.
Robert A via facebook
Resolver, absolutely brilliant and all free.. highly recommend.
Robert A via facebook

Helping you with TUI Airways

Who can I complain to if TUI can't resolve my complaint? 

You can send your case to the relevant aviation authority. This will sometimes depend on the departure country you experienced the issue in. The UK aviation authority for Thomson is the CEDR.

When can I escalate to the aviation authority?

You will need to raise your complaint with the airline first, and then after 8 weeks if you haven't been able to reach a resolution you can escalate via your case file to the relevant authority. Our process works this out for you depending on which departure country you select. 

It’s been a long time since I raised my case with TUI and I’ve heard nothing, should I be worried? 

Due to high volumes of complaints, airlines can take some time to process contact. TUI ask for 56 working day to process your contact, this feels like a long time but they will get round to your complaint.  

If you would like an update on the status of your claim you can call them on: 02034512699.

CEDR have said I have to submit information to them outside of my case file, is this right?

This is absolutely fine. CEDR are an independent organisation and have their own submission process. You can upload your Resolver case file at the end of their application process. 

How much does it cost to complain?

Nothing via Resolver. You will be asked to provide authorisation for a payment of £25 at time of application but if your claim is successful the adjudication is free and you will receive 100% of the compensation directed by the adjudicator. The only other cost to you is in preparing and submitting your application, for example, photocopying and postage.

All claims with an element that relates to disability rights will be exempt from the £25 charge if the claim is not successful.


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TUI is an airline that offers scheduled charter flights for package holidays. It has existed since 2008, when TUI and First Choice Holidays merged, as did their respective airlines, Thomsonfly and First Choice Airways. In 2012, TUI carried 10.7 million passengers, making it the third-largest British airline by passenger numbers, after Easyjet and British Airways.

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