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Thanks to Resolver I have today received a cheque for £1062 from TUI Airlines due to a delayed flight. Resolver made the process very easy.
Neil M via facebook
I have used Resolver twice so far and both times the outcome has been excellent! Even when the airlines made the process difficult, after contacting them again via Resolver we got our money. I will definitely use Resolver again and would gladly recommend them.
Pauline G via facebook
Wow - Brilliant service. I claimed for a flight delay due to a technical fault. At first I was tempted to use a claims service because I had heard that the Ryanair was particularly difficult- but I was wrong on both counts. I used Resolver via the excellent Money Saving Expert site and received 400 Euro compensation in only 2 days! A fellow passenger approached a claims service (that take a cut) and was told that they wouldn't even deal with his claim, didn't think they would get it resolved! Well Resolver resolved mine! Really easy to use. Secure, Simple, Fast and Free. Thank you Resolver and Martin Lewis - and RyanAir. I will use all three again.
Ness L via facebook
Excellent ... got me a refund on my coach ticket when I missed it because of a delayed flight... Thanks Resolver, you made it all very easy!
Kim H via facebook
I have to agree with the many other reports that Resolver is GREAT! Magical powers they must have, as everyone appears to be very satisfied as soon as Resolver is involved. After several attempts to contact KLM with no replies, a refund was forthcoming from them very soon after I had contacted Resolver. Thank you so much.
Jo C via facebook
Thrilled to receive full compensation from TUI for flight delays with the help of Resolver. The process is simple and makes claiming easy. Spared a tussle with the airline as cheque arrived before need to challenge. I can highly recommend your service. Thank you Resolver.
Ann G via facebook
I used Resolver to claim against Ryanair for a delayed flight thinking I would never see the money. It took a short while but €400 was eventually received. I would recommend Resolver to anyone having problems with a claim against any company.
Jo B via facebook
Made a claim for flight delay. Settled within 3 weeks. Great service.
Alec B via facebook
Full compensation from Ryanair for a 3 hour 3 minute delay within 10 days! Very happy
Gemma L via facebook

Helping you with South Western Railway

I’ve complained to South West Trains, but I’m not satisfied with the response. Is there a consumer watchdog I can contact?

Passenger Focus is the independent watchdog that looks after the interests of rail, bus coach and tram passengers.

How long will I have to wait if I make a South West Trains complaint to Passenger Focus?

Provided you’ve already raised a complaint direct with South West Trains, Passenger Focus aims to deal with any complaints within 35 days and will respond to any complainant within five working days.

How do I know South West Trains is the train company to complain to?

You can either take a look at the South West Trains network map, or look up your relevant journey on the National Rail Enquires journey planner tool. Alternatively, you can see if the station you travelled from is operated by South West Trains by using the company’s station search tool.

Contact details

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South West Trains is the largest passenger rail franchise in the UK. Its services cover areas to the south and west of London, including Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Berkshire, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight. South West Trains is part of the Stagecoach group and mainly operates out of Waterloo Station.

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